Jakman is a self-taught artist with a striking style , through his painting he immerses us in the world of Jakman the Urban Cowboy.

In Jakman's work it is the adventures of this Urban Cowboy that he wishes to highlight, this character often placed in everyday situations , evolves and grows at the same time as the artist.

He talks about his moments of joy, his disappointments and his dreams, emotions that he
share with spectators.

His works, with their tangy combinations, are the clever mix of his origins, the codes of the Parisian suburbs where he now lives and periods that he has not known, but which nevertheless guide his spirit.

If the 60's, 70's or 80's are true sources of inspiration for Jakman which shape his style, his sharp eye, from which no gesture or situation escapes, captures the impalpable emotions around him .

The line, simple and effective, reproduces these suspended moments with conciseness and elegance. A single image, with its strong presence, is enough to tell a whole story. His own or those drawn from those around him.

An informed film buff and keen observer, Jakman immerses himself in the testimony of these bygone eras to better recreate on the web their very unique atmospheres applied to very current subjects .

Thus, each canvas has its harmony. Definitely an esthete and fashion lover, the artist, beyond his art, also extends his style by developing, through his dress codes, a true art of everyday life.

A true incarnation of the “urban cowboy poet”, a magician of colors and director of emotions, Jakman, whose inseparable Stetson is now his signature, offers us a style with a unique palette.

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