The Coming of Age - 6th Exhibition

My sixth exhibition of works of art took place from May 19 to 21, 2022 at 10 rue Charles-Francois Since, Paris 75003.
Visual of this sixth exhibition

This personal exhibition is a new challenge for me, I wish to affirm my evolution and my maturity by presenting my new works by myself during this exhibition, I wish to differentiate my work on poster and my work on canvas presented in a gallery.

For a long time, all I knew was to be consistent. I understood my limits. But something changed during this year 2022. I was forced to question my "constancy" as well as my perception of the world in which I live and the place I wish to have in it. This exhibition is thus a small window opening onto some of the feelings that I endured, and ultimately conquered, during this period.

Recycling reduces the need to extract, refine and process raw materials. Instead, used materials are transformed into new products, thereby avoiding exploiting the planet's natural resources. As an artist, many of my ideas are on paper, and it is devastating that paper production is literally killing our planet through deforestation. As a model, I pay a lot of attention to fashion posters displayed around Paris.

I saw how every night, beautiful posters are immediately thrown away to be replaced by others, again and again. A friend of mine then brought me a large poster from the street, which gave me the idea to experiment with color on paper to see how it transferred, which then turned into my whole first piece. I continued to paint on posters, which was not only fun, but also great from an ecological point of view.

First preview presentation of the works at the Hourdé school, 3-5 rue Biot, 75017 Paris.
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