Intro - 9th exhibition

My ninth exhibition of works of art took place from June 9 to 16, 2023, during the Groupshow Intro of Ekow Galerie , 4 place de Thorigny, 75003 Paris .
Jakman 9th exhibition Intro
Ekow Galerie is an innovative and forward-looking gallery, which offers ephemeral exhibitions, taking place in different structures and in different cities in France and internationally.

The INTRO Exhibition aims to present the world of the artists of the Ekow gallery, 4 artists with striking styles who invite you to share their worlds through their canvases.

The gallery wishes to grant the exhibition space to the work of the artists with whom it works; each exhibition is accompanied by an immersive scenography which invites spectators to discover the artist's world. A freedom that allows us to create a link between admonitors and artists.

Ekow wants viewers to not only stop at each painting, but to understand the artistic direction of the exhibition so that they can form their own interpretation of each work.
Jakman Artist Painter Exhibition Art
Work produced during and at the exhibition venue
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